Netatmo Weather Station Additional Module for Smartphones


The Netatmo Additional Module is an extension of the Weather Station which can measure the air quality circulating your home. Indoor module Place this module anywhere inside the home to maximise your familys comfort. Thanks to its wireless connectivity with the Weather Station, that Additional Module can measure the C02 concentration, humidity and temperature across a 100 metre range. And the recordings of this data can be accessed via the app so you can live in a healthier home. Analyse your data The Netatmo web app will display all data in the form of graphs. This not only allows you to observe the air quality around you, but you can also get a more accurate idea of your living environment over time. Expand the system You can add up to three Additional Modules to your Netatmo Weather Station which means that you have a choice of rooms to choose from to monitor. App compatibility: iOS 4 or higher Android 4.0 or higher Windows Phone 8.0 or higher Accessories included: 4x AAA batteries


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